Wizard World Recap...Dolls & Comics

Well it was a pricey friday at Wizard World Chicago. I arrived at about 10:30a and reluctantly coughed up $11 for parking. Dirty Fascists. I picked up my badge at will call and went straight to the Tonner Booth to fork over my hard earned cashed. Lara Croft was REALLY cool. I love her. She's big and beautiful with really cool joints and gorgeous face painting. And the accessories are killer. She has a flat foot but Robert said she may have interchangeable feet and hands later on. Weeee!

I also nabbed the Arkham Harley Quinn, who has flat feet FYI. She sold out by 4p on friday so I am very glad I took the day off. So now to complete the set in San Diego with the Joker! Tonner also had some great deals on the DC Stars in the booth. So I ended up walking away with Batman and Deluxe Aquaman for $175 total..plus an additional 10% off everything which basically took care of the tax. Brutal...but I left happy.

So I also picked up the exclusive Peter Petrelli Heroes figures for a friend and then I spent $100 on trade paperbacks...a couple of Greg Rucka Wonder Woman trades, Batgirl Year One...which is great so far, Smallville Season Five review, a Spike trade, Ultimates Vol I, and New Frontier. I was hoping to run across some Gail Simone Birds of Prey...but sadly no luck. I also scored a sweet Buckaroo Bonzai t-shirt which I am wearing as I type this. Weeee!

So all in all a successful and fairly pricey friday but it was all good fun.

The DC Nation Panel was good. I found out that my favorite Zatanna is getting her own book. Huzzah! And I think I need to pick up the Secret Six.

The Tonner Panel at the end of the day made me realize I need to sell more stuff to make way for a future license that has me giddy with joy. So I think a few more dolls are getting booted from dolly island. I am very excited about the Dc Stars right now and if he actually does these Doctor Who dolls...I will squeal for joy. And of course I still live in hope that he will eventually do Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That would be the best.


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