Avalon up at Superdoll...Fly My Pretties...

Here's her description...

Collection: FORTUNE
Feeling fortunate?.... meet Avalon... cult figure!
from the top. White mohair wig set in barrel curls held in place with tiny white hair clips, dark smokey brown and black eyeshadow and java brown eyes. rose lip.
white slash and pin (to our knowledge, the worlds smallest safety pins! we custom made them!) 'fortune' logo t-shirt. white lace spencer, lace lollita braces and matching lacey gloves. pin and lace tartan / camouflage kilt tied in waist with red and white electrical wire, and white 'leather; buckles. skull and crossbone detail.
white lacey lace hose and black toe & bar stiletto white maryjanes.
dressed doll. incl. handbag and catseyes.
ED 100 pieces.
one per customer please.
In stock, ready to ship.
Price: £466.24 (Excluding VAT at 15%)
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