New Collections are Up at Wilde Imagination!

Holy Crap the Ellowyne collection is AMAZING. I so wish I could afford it all...or had room for it all even. I am quite fond of the Woeful Green Dress, No Longer an Option outfit, and the Invisible Ink Dressed Doll.

Also up is the new Pop Imagination line featuring Wizard of Oz as a theme.

And Lastly, the Evangeline Ghastly lineup. There's exciting new vinyl versions of Evangeline making her way more affordable. I love Moonlit Shadows with the great outfit and red rooted hair. There are two vinyl basics: one with black rooted hair and one wig doll version for $135 each. The Eternal Beauty outfit is FABULOUS! The separates like the Midnight Bustier are wonderful....It's nice to see that Evangeline is getting some love now. Maybe I will try to make a few things for her for the Tonner Convention since more people will likely have her now that there is a more affordable option and more pieces for her. And just look at Bella the Bat!

And a discount for you...
$13 OFF
Any Order of $75 or More
Just Enter Promo Code SPRING at checkout
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