2013 Tonner Doll Mainline Release!

The newest offerings are up and for me, it is a bit of a mixed bag.  Now mostly that is because my particular tastes have either changed or rather, I am forcing my tastes to be my mindful of my lack of space and money.     The price points on this lineup are hard swallow...but we knew that was happening.  Still, it is hard not to think of the work Integrity did with Tullabelle and be a little less than enthused when you see $199 on a doll that does not even have a purse or a necklace.  Le sigh.

Here are my picks and complaints....

Classic Elegance Tyler-gorgeous haircolor and style on the original Tyler mold.  The dress has an interesting sweetheart neckline combined with an empire waist and a cascading skirt in what looks like velvet.  She reminded me a bit of Sargeant's Madame X.

Enticing Outfit- I like this Antoinette outfit with its nice color and fun mix of textures.
Summer Swing - I bet this one sells out in a jiffy.  I like the flame hair.  Had this been on the lily skin-tone, I would be getting it.  Still at $169 dollars for a simple summer dress...I will have to wait.  At least it has a cute tote bag and sunglasses.

Purple Haze Outfit- Fun statement necklace, nice color, and great shoes.

Night Delight- Sculpted heels!  I love the colors here and I am a sucker for those rust tights.  But I have issues with ruffles.  I plan to keep an eye out for this one on sale and attempt a rufflectomy.

All Star Liu Liu- Cute face but I don't like wig dolls. I am not fond of these outfits either as they look like kids clothes to me  But they do offer a little more in way of mix and match potential.

All Vintage Peggy- I repeat that I don't like wig dolls, but the undies on this one are fabulous and that wig style seems really nice.

Tamed-Pretty colors and nice face paint.  Again, wigged though.  I am not sure what is happening with the outfit though.  The shoes are cool and I love the gloves.

Julie & R- Both the warm bodies dolls are kind of fun.  The sculpts seem pretty good and I like having another open mouth sculpt out in the world.  I especially like the distressing work done to the costumes and shoes.  Another thing to note, R's boots are sculpted plastic. It will be interesting to see the actual factory dolls.

Wood Nymph- Beautiful costume and I am wild about the new Odel #6 sculpt.  So pretty.  WAY outside of my affordability range though.  I wish they had also come out with a new basic Nu Mood doll with this sculpt. Also...why would you use the Tyler bustline for a ballerina doll? And why not give her the changeable nu mood legs?  Still...I would love to have this one.  The haircolor is gorgeous along with that face paint.

22" Poison Ivy- Her outfit is almost an exact copy of the Deluxe Poison Ivy save for a flouncy sheer skirt...why not give us a little something different? Though the glass eyes add a little something extra.

Still waiting on images for the new Bella Cullen and a couple of other dolls.  
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