American model muse

I just deboxed this beauty.  I have not had one of these for awhile. I bought the 22" Amazon wonder woman last year but she still languishes in her box. But two weeks ago I saw this girl on Tonner's site and decided I had to have her. Well of course she is sold out. I managed to get lucky on Ebay and found her for a good price.

Well sewing for her is a dream.  Obviously the larger size is a huge advantage. I look forward to recreating some complicated period garments for her. Today I whipped up a simple lace dress for her that goes nicely with her original outfit. I have enough lace to make maybe two more of these to sell at the Tonner convention. I plan to add some little appliques and beads as well.

  I just need to get her some more wigs.  Normally I hate wig dolls but in the larger scale it does does not seem to bug me. I might try making her a wig myself.

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