Dolly Days 2017: Mega Sale on IT

Integrity Toys and the W Club are getting into the holiday spirit again this year with Dolly Days: a week long event with daily reveals and new and surprising ways to get money from their addicted collectors. Monday started off with quite the bang via a fire sale on a ton of IT Direct product. The sale is still going on until December 13th and items are selling quick.  I showed only a modicum of restraint. I say this because if I had purchased everything that was on my list it would be have been in the $500+ camp...  Luckily I had done some planning ahead to see what the pre-sale total would be and put my desired items in my cart on Sunday night and left them there. On Monday when the sale went live (late of course), the website was painfully, murderously slow. I went straight for the body that I needed to upgrade my recently acquired grail Soul Deep Adele and then nabbed one of those display riser stands to use for easy store sales photos. After waiting two lifetimes to get into my cart, I was pleased to see the items were STILL THERE from the night before so I was able to just check out (which took another three years off my life!). Anyway, I was chuffed and ended up getting all of the must haves on my list: light honey body for Adele, Adeline King & Laka (to reroot to make a custom Jetta and Raya for my Jam collection), Rainbow Dash guy (so cute), the riser stand, Minx with bonus outfit, and Rapture with bonus outfit. I'm super glad I waited to buy those. I like the extra outfits but not enough to pay full price. I plan to sell the extra dolls with a custom outfit of my own or something. I am still tempted to go back and get a backstage set to customize for Poppy or my FR dolls. I trashed one of my misfits cases trying to wedge it into my Detolf display cabinet and I am now regretting it.  Though maybe I can buy one loose from someone?

I sort of wish I would have grabbed the Gloria Granbuilt before she sold out for my Katy Keene doll. I am also tempted to get the rest of the Coven dolls I don't have but maybe some money will shake loose before the sale is over and I can get them. I think my Cruella would love amazing in the Jessica Lange outfit with that umbrella.

The package is set to come on to figure out how to get it into my house without questions. Hmm...I need help.


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