Doll Sales this Weekend!

I sadly missed the Cherished Friends sale yesterday...but Angelic Dreamz is having a nice sale as well. Ultra Basic Shauna is $36.79 until Dec 1st and they have free shipping for orders over $100.

Tonner Direct is having a 15% off Cyber Monday sale..and there's free shipping happening, so that might be the temptation that I need to pick up Full Throttle...or get one of those Women of Power dolls...hmmm. Enter the code 0815FS at checkout.

Metrodolls has a special on their recent convention's you chance to pick up that nice new Magnolia sculpt with that amazing dress.

Annette and Friends is having a sale. 25% off until saturday...darn tempting. Black Canary is singing to me...

DreamCastle Dolls as well.
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