New Items for Lara Croft at Tonner Direct! Lara Croft stuff is up at Tonner Direct! Wee. The Excalibur for 39.99, Full Throttle Lara Dressed Doll for 169.99, and the Let's Go Off Road Outfit for 89.99. Also, there is free shipping on all Lara Croft orders. I was sort of hoping for a fashion foot Lara...but I guess that's coming later. I do love the Full Throttle outfit...but really wish it was not a dressed doll. Hmm...maybe I will be able to score it later somehow. All cool stuff though.

It also looks like all the DC Stars Women of Power are in stock. I am still dying to get the Diana of Themyscira...sigh. I live in hope that I might score one in a Tonner factory Sale at a convention...or perhaps I will win the lottery.
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