Lots o' new doll stuff...

Here are some updates...

Angelic Dreamz BJD Shauna is shipping.

The FDQ Numina lottery is happening soon I think. I still have not gotten my issue...which is V. annoying. I drooled over it in Borders yesterday and those Paul Pham dolls are gorgeous....if I had cash I would be all over it. I am hoping I can get one of the other ones eventually.

Superdoll has a few outfits for sale...Iguana Blue, Poison, a few of the Fashion Victim outfits still...and even the Orbit sweater set.

I am participating in the Project Dollway at Home challenge. Here is the blog...http://projectdollwayathome.blogspot.com/ and you can head over to the myspace page to get more info and see the challenges in the "pics" section.

Here's the Tonner Holiday FAO lineup...remember to use the code VETS8 to get 15% off until Tuesday...
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