Lots of Stuff for Sale....

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-$200 Angel Region Jade Mini BJD w/ two outfits and a wig
-$25 partial Mary poppins outfit- no boots and umbrella broken
$25 new Tonner Fashion of the Year Awards outfit NRFB
$35 Nude Aspen Sydney
$10 Wee Basic Patsy Blonde NRFB
$15 Music Video Awards Alex Nude (no stand)
$25 Wheat Blonde Jane Nude (no stand)
$50 Petulant Pink Stella Nude (love her but got poison ivy...and the current rule is...only one sculpt on the island)
$40 Stella Alyce Nude (no stand or original box)
$15 Spiderman Mary Jane Waitress Outfit Complete
$4 Blush & Bashful polka Dot Negligee
$20 New Attitude Vanna White Pink dress (no Shoes)
$15 La Concorde Paris Maroon Jacket, Fur Collar, Shoes, Skirt & Bag...fits Tyler
$10 Munchkinland Outfit Complete (fits Marley)
$7 Weekend in Wash. Giftset White Silk Blouse
$5 Little Luxuries Giftset White Silk Pants
$15 Little Luxuries Nightie & Robe (no shoes)

And on Ebay:
Mary Kay stuff, Star Wars Micro Machines, DC Comics Barbies, Buffy stuff and more...

Trades wanted:
Black Canary, Lara Croft Outfits, Nude Cosmo, Lord Asriel (dressed or nude), Lyra Silvertongue, Sybarite Accessory Packs, Tall silver tyler boots, Tawny Gene, Distant Venus Gene Outfit, DC Women of Power Wonder Woman & Supergirl, FAO Wonder Woman Trunk Set...a pony.
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