DIY Bridal Fascinator!

These are like little art installations for your head!  I made all of these with bits of scrap fabric, old buttons, and other sneaky recycled flotsam.  They can be pinned to the head, sewn on a barrette, or sew a pin back on it and use it as a decorative brooch or mother of the bride corsage.


Materials: (all found at any craft store)
Decor (can be any and all of these options):
scrap fabric
silk flowers
paper flowers
found objects


Hat base and finishing supplies:
plastic canvas
poly batting or a doubled thickness of felt
comb, barrette, bobby pins
sewing needle and thread
coffee mug
optional: low temp hot glue gun

-Trace a circle onto plastic canvas using a coffee mug.  This will serve as the base for your fascinator.  -Cut a piece of batting and a piece of felt to the same size.  The batting will serve as a little cushion underneath your layer of fashion fabric.  The felt will be sewn or glued on the very back of the fascinator after you're done adding the decor.

-Trace your circle onto the wrong side of your fashion fabric.  Add a 3/4" seam allowance around the circle.  Cut it out. Using matching thread, sew a running stitch (aka gathering stitch) 1/4" away from the cut edge of your circle.  Do not knot or cut the thread on the end...we are about to use this needle and thread again in the next step.
-Assemble the hat base by lying the fashion fabric right side down.  Place the batting on top and then the plastic canvas.  Now pull the gather stitch allowing the fashion fabric to cinch down around the plastic canvas creating a nice little cushion.  Secure the gathering thread by sewing a few stitches and then knotting off.  You are now ready to start with the decorations!
-Assemble your items for decorating and try placing them in various configurations on your little hat.  Once you decide on a look, start sewing.
-You can customize your flowers to match your dress by using scraps from the dress (ask the bridal alteration shop for any of the hem cut off the bottom) or from the bridesmaids' dresses.
-A simple rosette can be made by cutting an elongated football shape, halving it, an then gathering it with a running stitch.  Roll the gathered fabric into a rose shape and secure it with thread.

-Simple petals can be made by cutting a square, folding it in half into a triangle shape, and then running a gathering stitch along the two legs of the triangle.  Pull it tight and secure and you have an adorable little petal which can be used for leaf accents or placed together with several other petals for a flower.  Add a button at the center for the stamen...and voila...instant flower!

-Once you are happy with the decor, finish off the back of the hat by sewing on the felt with a whipstitch.  From there you can add a tulle veil, sew on a barrette, mount it to a headband, add toupee clips, a pin back, etc...I just bobby pin mine on.

NOTE: You could make this entire hat with minimal sewing by using a hot glue gun and do this all the quick and dirty way!  It would be a great bridesmaid bonding activity.  And the little hat lends itself nicely to cheekier designs as well.  You could make a very naughty bachelorette party hat for example.
I make these to sell as well.  I can custom make them in any color to match your dress and encorporate heirloom pieces, fun trinkets, buttons, and other sentimental flotsam.  Email me for details!
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