Things That Are Awesome: Lynch's Dune

First of all...Dune by Frank Herbert is one of my favorite books. I read it at least once a year and usually one or two of the sequels or newer prequels as well. I think it rules. I know that many think that David Lynch's film is an abomination...I, on the other hand, love it. Adore it even. Yes they totally mess with the original story in several ways. And in general, the film is a bit of a hot mess at times. But the cast is fabulous(Brad Dourif alone makes it worth the rent)...the costumes are glorious...and Kyle Maclachlan's hair is mesmerizing.

So I am halfway through Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson's Butlerian Jihad book...and I thought I would dust off my vhs Dune tape. Sigh...I am now watching it again...for the second time this weekend. I have not seen it in at least two years now...and I forgot how awesome the costumes are and just how very often I crib from this film. I pretty much took most of the inspiration for Keziah Mason in Dreams in the Witchhouse from this film. And I adore the way they have combined historical costuming with military uniforms to give a distinct look to the three houses. Corrino is all about Elizabethan excess and Irulan wears serious corsets and crazy skirts of doom. House Atriedes has a medieval meets the belle epoque sort of look to it but very slinky. The lady Jessica has all these fabulous collars and furry hoods with the sci-fi Gibson girl hair. And then the Harkonnens are very ahead of their time with the gothy pvc S&M look complete with punk rock red hair and a very hot Sting in a leather cod piece...meow.'s all awesome...and oh how i love the internal monologue whispers. I need to re-watch the Sci-Fi channel mini-series version again. All I can remember of it is that William Hurt was really wooden and the costumes annoyed the hell out of me.

Did I mention Sting in leather codpiece?
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