New York Comic Con~Lady Action~Wonder Woman 52 and Supergirl Costumes for $99

I believe this is the Captain Action booth #341...According to a another website, they are seeling the Wonder Woman 52 outfit for $99 or the outfit/Lady Action set for $199...which is a swell deal if that means the outfit plus the doll.  I have yet to find confirmation that this Wonder Woman 52 outfit will come with a wig or not.  So it is a mystery.

The Supergirl outfit looks so much like the original DC Stars Supergirl...I am not sure I even care to get it.  The wig looks nice, but I have never been a big wig doll fan.  I can't tell from the photos if the boots have a heel on them. The biggest difference in the outfits is in the gold belt and gold edging on the boots.  part of me wants to be a Supergirl completist and just get it....

Info on the outfit:

Look up in the sky- it’s our Lady Action Tonner Supergirl outfit! Get ready for the just-announced CBS Supergirl series with this lovely Supergirl outfit especially designed for the Tonner Lady Action Doll. This limited edition comes with wig, cape, boots, belt and Supergirl uniform (Kryptonite not included), and is specifically designed for our Tonner Lady Action cool. Limited to 150 – $99 Limit 2 per household.

So on another site...they say this:
This NYCC exclusive, like the sold-out Wonder Woman exclusive from earlier this year, will be limited to just 100 units and retail for $99. Tonner Lady Action dolls are also available and retail for $199. And as a NYCC special, if you order a Supergirl outfit + a Lady Action doll, you can save $20 off the total purchase.


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