IT Gloss Convention Thursday Haul and Thoughts From a Distance

It is tough having a proxy...I miss being there horribly. And it is sort of exhausting super-stalking everyone on flickr and the boards for info. But it was the more sensible way to get the swag this year (not wanting to leave the wee lad for the long weekend).

Official Welcome Bag Doll and Companion Accessory Kit
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls and 500 Accessory Packs

I believe this doll is on a Poppy Parker high heel foot body (last seen at IFDC) and is a part of the ITBE line.  This is the first Erin/Collette sculpt.  I think she is super cute but I am not sure I will keep her.  I will definitely be keeping the outfit because I think it will fit in perfectly with the Urban Safari fashions from the recent dolls.

Sheer Sensuality
Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss Official Table Centerpiece
Limited Edition of 350 Dolls

Thursday Night Dinner featured Sheer Sensuality Vanessa as the centerpiece doll.  She is LE 350 and features the Vanessa 1.0 sculpt.  My number was pulled so I will have the tricky decision to make about whether she stays or goes.  Likely she will go.  I am hoping I can use one of these dolls to secure Montaigne Market Elise!  This Vanessa is super pretty though.  I finally see why everyone is wackadoo for the original sculpt.

Le Smoking
Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss Official Souvenir
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

The Thursday night souvenir doll was the KICKER!  Le Smoking Adele is gorgeous!  The white suit is super glamorous.  I am pretty sure I will be keeping this one.  I don't have an Adele yet and this version seems very versatile.  Unfortunately she is one of the dolls in custom limbo.

I believe my wonderful proxy also got me a grab bag in which there was a Stormer doll (weee! a future custom coming or at the very least a body donor for one of the bonus Clash heads).

The IT Direct Salesroom dolls were tempting.  I totally want the Victoire Mini Giftset (and I think I got one).  I passed on the ITBE 'malibu' girls.  I don't do FR16 so Hanne was not for me. Hopefully I will be able to get the Wild Thing Poppy at some point because I love both the outfit, her hair, and the screening (and was unable to get an IFDC Poppy).

***UPDATE: I got Wild Thing Poppy!   Weee!

So yeah the thursday keepers for me are the Welcome Erin outfit and accessories, Le Smoking Adele, Victoire Giftset, and Wild Thing Poppy.


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