IT Gloss Convention Doll List...In progress

Doll count: 39

Welcome Doll Erin-original sculpt on high heel Poppy body LE5o00
Accessory pack for Erin with fur vest and hat LE 500
Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Perrin Centerpiece- Vanessa 1.0 original sculpt  LE350
Le Smoking Adele Makeda- Adele 2.0 w/model muse skin tone LE 500
IT Water Bottle
Azone Gold Booties

Angel in Blue Poppy Centerpiece LE 300
Starlight Poppy Souvenir LE 500
Friday Night Bazaar Red Fashion (variation of Vanessa's purple dress) LE 500

Sensuous Affair Giselle- Centerpiece Nu Face W Club luncheon
Chrome Noir Erin Souvenir
Evening Siren Ayumi Companion- new sculpt LE 600
Intrigue Elise-Centerpiece LE 300
Intimate Reveal Agnes Souvenir Convention Doll LE500

IT Direct Salesroom Dolls:
Wild Thing Poppy
Hanne Erikson After Hours
Dial V for Victoire Mini Giftset
ITBE Jolt- Amelie/Misaki
ITBE Oopmh-Ayumi
ITBE Zing-Amelie/misaki
FR2 replacement bodies!

Convention Collection:
Nightshade Kyori
Dark Moon Poppy
La Villa Lumiere Simonetta- Studio IT Alysa sculpt
Cold Shoulder Eugenia
Adorned Vanessa
Nocturnal Glow Veronique
Grandiose Natalia

Color Infusion:

Adaline King/Jetta in Ladies Night
Alysa in Bad Girls
Blue/Burkhart/Kimber in Love Hangover
Kika Yung/Aja in Foxy Lady
Monroe Jillian/Pizazz in Jungle Boogie
Janay/Ragine in Solid Gold
Darby Kenner/Rapture in Night Fever
Tilda Brisby/Roxy in The Hustle

Tenzin Dahkling in Boogie Shoes
Sterling Riese in Sugar Pie Guy
Kieron Morel/Remi in Superfly
Declan Wake in Disco Nights
Ace/Riot blonde in Macho Man
Callum Windsor in What's Going on?


Watch Workshop Chip
Tantalizing Dominique

* All the dolls arrived!  The day is saved. Reports are that the IT staff worked all night in their costumes getting all the collections together.  Love those folks.


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