Convention Swag....

Here's my favorite...the Ultra Basic Goth Tyler...worth the price of registration right there...and the stunning Swept Away outfit I picked up in the facotry sale...I have been dying for this outfit for quite awhile...and it looks beyond perfect on Tyler.
UB Goth Tyler in Swept Away

And here's some more of the bagged goodies from the factory sale"
Tonner Factory Sale Swag
I scored a convertible foot doll...awesome-ness...Supergirl will get this bod so I can switch between her high heel and flat foot shoe outfits. I also got a bendy wrist Esme and a Jac sculpt for super cheap. Uptown Urbane Tyler who I plan to keep only for the the body and sell off the rest and the Joker outfit...which is super awesome since I had plans to make my white alien Cosmo doll into the sexy joker for Harley Quinn. So these were all great finds for me.
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