Pre-Tonner Con Sale!

Well I was getting ready for my sales table at the Tonner Convention and thought...why don't I try to get rid of some of this stuff BEFORE I get there...items from a non smoking house...but I have cats...they tend to stay away from the dolls...but just so you know. I have refs on ebay under alyrenee. I also have a few trades at the end. Prices do not include shipping. I will ship international. Paypal or money orders.

Lonely Hearts Ellowyne $200 *SOLD*
Amazon Princess Wonder Woman Complete $90
Witch Repaint $60 *HOLD*
Griselda witch repaint

Euphemia Repaint $80 *HOLD*
$125 Euphemia Basic Repaint

Custom Millinery:
And I will be selling lots of little hats for Tyler, Gene, Sybarites, etc...
Sunny Sunday Morning Yellow Straw
Couture Doll Millinery

And the Grey Silk hat is still available here:

Outfits made by me:

Reversible Silk 2pc $15
$20 Reversible Silk Outfit for Tyler, Ellowyne, & Sybarites

Hot Thai Silk Dress & Hat $40
$70 Thai Silk Dress & Hat for Tyler

Cotton Skirt $5
$8 Tshirt & $8 Cotton Print Skirt

Peach skirt & Reversible Silk Halter $15
Silk Peach Reversible Fashion

Cherry Print PJs $15
Cherry Pjs

Bronze Paisley Dress & Purse $30
Bronze Paisley Fashion
Bronze Paisley Fashion

Ellowyne White Cotton & Silk Dress (no hat) $20
Ellowyne WInsome in White
Ellowyne Winsome in White

Cosmic Purple Silk 3pc Set $25
Galactic Lilac Fashion

Green Stripe T-shirt $5
$8 Green Striped T-shirt For Tyler

South Beach Silk 3pc $25
South Beach Sunset Tonner Fashion OOAK

White Beaded Silk Dress,skirt overlay & gloves $20

Tonner Outfits:
Havana Nights Brenda Dress (no shoes)$15
POTC Court Gown only (no underthings or shoes)$15
Ambassador in Pink Outfit complete $40
Little Luxuries Robe & Gown only $20
Munchkinland Outfit (fits marley/alice) $20
Mary Jane Waitress Outfit complete $15

Alex Outfits:
Country Road (no t-shirt & socks) $10
Paris La Concorde coat,shoes,skirt,bag $20

Franklin Mint:
Pink Glitter Evening Gown Vanna White w/earrings $20

Trade Wants:
NY Comic Con Harley Quinn outfit and/or props
Harley Quinn Outfit
Justice Protector Wonder Woman fashion
Viktor Dreary
Sister Dreary
Snow Whyte (yeah right)
Lord Azriel (dressed or nude)
Nude Cosmo
Jac w/an Afro nude
ellowyne wilde outfits
Amazon Protector Outfit
Tonner Women of Power Wonder WOman
raven ashleigh nude
vasilisa outfit
raven emilie
joker outfit
peter parker
Silver tall tyler boots
Stark Moderne Kit
Jeremy Voss
High Seas Elizabeth Swann
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