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Dearest Patron, Collector and Enthusiasts.
14 October 2008
Well, we are fresh back in London from the wonderful city
that is Moscow!
What an awesome time we had there. We participated in the Moscow Doll Salon and
it was a great pleasure to have our re launch of the Chalk White™ Sybarites received
with such acclaim.
We attended a magnificent dinner on Red Square on the Friday evening and were
awarded the ‘bright debut in Russia’, a much coveted award for first time visitors to
the Salon.
It was an even greater honour to meet with our many (far more than we ever
imagined) collectors and fans in Russia, many from Moscow and many travelling
hours to meet us. A truly wonderful experience. Our heartfelt thanks to the
organisers of the event, who made us feel most welcome, the warm and friendly
people of Russia and also the many new friends we made among the spectators and
the other exhibitors from around the world. Our very special thanks to our wonderful
translator Julie, who not only went beyond her call of duty, but also can be added to
our wonderful list of new friends!
With all this buzz and excitement we were also invited to future exhibits in Latvia,
Siberia and Tokyo! We are very excited about these future opportunities.
Back in the current world, the IT GIRLS™ have popped their ever glamorous basic
doll faces up and the first of which; Inque™, a gorgeous new sculpt is currently
available from We are thrilled to introduce this new African
sculpt to our collectors world. Whilst in the US her sculpt and skin tone may be
referred to as AA (African American) her original DNA is purely African and her
glamour is that of the hi life such a unique import will live in the
Metro_Cosmopolitan world that is modern day London.
Second in this series is Venus™, the original clone from the House of the Sybarites.
This is NOT a new sculpt, but the original clone as part of this tri-tribe. Venus
d’Royce will be available from our site at a later date.
Third in this series is Raja Stein™; also a brand new sculpt, of Indian descent; a
clone who comes from the genetics of a reclusive mega star and we are very pleased
to add her to our stable of clones.
Raja Stein will be shipping late November.
For images by Alex Howe of the IT GIRLS, their own line of ‘to die for’ demi-
couture and then some…. do check out the latest Haute Doll magazine, which we
believe is shipping as we speak.
Well…. With this, we are home, safe and back to work….
Till Later
Superdoll Collectibles….. a world where dolls reign supreme…..
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