New Ellowyne & Evangline line up at Wilde Imagination!

Click to see it!

Get $13 off of $75 with the promo code NEW! I already bought the Blue Ellowyne...she is adorable. The new basic ellowyne's have great hair and very cute little outfits. There are also new wigs and of course Sybil...who is a very affordable $24. I think i will be getting her. I like all the new dressed dolls but I must be good and stick with The Case of the Blues...and hope I can get those outfits separate.

For Evangeline...there is the stunning new Blue Moon outfit at $125 which includes the great blue wig as well. There are also some new footwear options and I overheard the folks at Wilde Imagination talk about some new affordable fashion options on the way for Evangeline. I am imagining some boutique separates or something. Expect to see them at Toyfair or Idex.
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