FS/FT Dolls..must purge

Gotta clear out some room and the duplicates. Prices do not include shiping. I will do international. I accept paypal or us postal money orders. Trades wanted below. I have postive feedback on ebay under alyrenee. All items from a non-smoking house. I have cats but they stay away from the dolls. Cheers!

$125 NRFB Aquaman King of Atlantis (the one with the sequins and batman face sculpt)

$100 Wonder Woman Amazon Princess Dressed Doll complete (one rhinestone has gone MIA from her belt...but it is not noticeable)

$80 Central Park Sydney w/ perfect untouched hair and complete outfit or nude for $60. I will even change her to fashion feet upon request. *HOLD

$200 Lonely Heart Ellowyne from Convention...

$75 Nude Now What Ellowyne (now sold out)

$40 FAO Tiny Kitty Fascination (no box)

$400 Mini-fee Shu Shu w/custom faceup..normal skin

$100 Metallic Misaki Haute Doll complete

$15 Nude Riviera Susie with a slight shoulder split

And I have the FAO Wizard of OZ trunk that is taking up lots of space...It needs some glueing work as the trim along the edges has peeled a bit. I am happy to do this unless you want to do it yourself. Otherwise the trunk is in perfect shape and I even have the original shipper box. Shipping ain't cheap on this one... I am not exactly sure what to sell this for...not sure what the going rate and there was nothing on ebay to compare it too. This is for the trunk only...not the doll or fashions. I will take email offers on this one but I don't think I would let it go for less than $100. It's too cool.

Also, i have several outfits, separates, and really low priced repaints on my show and sell page. Please check them out.


Trades: DC Stars Joker, Vacation on Location Jac, Any Convertible foot Tonner Doll or body, Wonder Woman's red boots, any tall red boots, Sybarite clothing and footwear, reroot service for my Captain Jack (want to make him a blonde to become Green Arrow), Sister Dreary, & Viktor Dreary
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