Weee New Tonner Dolls! And I am selling my kidney!

SLEEPING BEAUTY...I am very excited. It looks like Aurora has the Lana face sculpt too. Weee. I have always been a big sleeping beauty fan! I will try to resist as she really doesn't fit in my current collection...but it is darn tempting. If he makes a new Prince Phillip I will swoon...Prince Phillip was always the cutest Disney guy. He should look just like James Marsden.

New Truffle Boutique Separates are very purple..I will need to see them all to be sure, but I do not think I am tempted.

FAO Rapunzel using the Breathless sculpt...too purple and froofy for my taste. She does seem to have crazy long hair.

In the Regina Collection, there's a nice looking Layne with good hair and a pretty cute cocktail dress. You can also see a raven bobbed Marley (no not the reggae master...te he) in a gray polka dot dress just behind Layne.

And of course the Devereaux Sisters...which I really need to see closer pics of before I am swayed. I love the concept though. I wonder if they are small busted? It would make sense if they were since the 20's flapper ideal was a more boyish figure.

There are some groovy fancy dress DC Stars ladies! The Diana of Themiscyra we have already seen, a Platinum Supergirl in a white gown and Black Canary in a slinky black number. All three will be exclusive to Tonner Direct and Wonder Woman is already in stock. There seems to be a new Poison Ivy next to Black Canary as well.

And then the mystery around Deanna Denton is solved! She uses the 17" athletic sculpt a la Lara Croft and is some sort of 1950's era doll with..*gasp* high heel feet! weeeee! I bet this is the exclusive doll that was hinted at by the Gary Fletcher Pattern Company. It would make perfect sense and that body type will look fabulous in 1950s era clothing. I look forward to fashion feet for my Lara. I am not wild about the Deanna face sculpt though. According to the Q&A, pictures of the line should be up in two weeks.

You can sort of see Will Turner and Dumbledore in this pic...And *SQUEALS* a DC Star trunk set in the background. It looks like Wonder Woman to me....yippee! and in a cape. ugh I better go run and sell my current Wonder Woman to make room for this one. She must come home with me.

The Bearzabout BJD Sydney is pretty stunning. I am really trying to resist. She is also sporting more of teh boutique collection.

Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood looks adorable! The sculpt seems spot on to me! Kind of makes me wish I collected these dolls. Dumbledore is standing behind her. It looks like they did sort of a cross between both the actors who played Dumbledore... He looks good though. I am guessing that is Maxwell Smart's back behind Dumbledore.

Tiny Kitty Returns!

And from Robert's Q&A...here are some more tidbits:

Dumbledore, Maxwell Smart, & Joan Crawford are waiting studio approvals and many of the items will be finding there way to the website in increments. Robert confirms the Torchwood and Doctor Who license rumors (weeeee!) Robert has also been working on an Asian Male sculpt.

And wow...this was quite a collection. I don't even want to think about what the convention is going to be like let alone next year's convention and the new 2009 line...it just means I really REALLY need to get serious about focusing down the collection. Keeping only one of each DC character and rotating their outfits...and being brutal and ruthless about who gets booted off the island. I think all the normal Tyler gals have to go...or at least be remade into superheroes...a few of them anyway. For example, City Style Kit will soon be Hawk Girl. High Seas Betty Ann is soon to be Zatanna. And Celebration will get a makeover as The Huntress. I would lvoe to find a wheelchair so I could have the option for Batgirl to be Oracle. Perhaps I could make one? Yeah in all my spare time. I could also make them into Re-Imagination type dolls or add them to the goth/dreary squad. And then, of course, there is my tyler sized jem and the holograms project...which i either need to finish and sell...or finish and display...or just plain abort. Ugh...too many dolls not enough space, money, or time.

What this really might mean is that I need to give Ellowyne the boot. Keep one to sew and dress up but get rid of the extras...of which there are only two...but still, It will be hard to choose between them. And I think my bjds need to hit the road...except for the incoming Mini-mee Spike bjd. Unless he turns out horrible...I will be holding onto him. And the few random barbies, a momoko, susie, & misaki nippon that I have floating around.

And don't even get me started on the Buffy crap...I have several customs to finish and then a ton of action figures to purge. Dear dear...what have I wrought? I just really need to streamline...and focus down. Resolution. Reserve..oh, where's my credit card so I can order more?
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