Haute Doll Sybarite Exclusive- Haute Swallow

She is up for order at a whopping $725 for non-members.

***Haute Swallow Sybarite LE 250
This Haute Doll exclusive is the final in the Couture Trio.

Couture Swallow Sybarite is a redeveloped face mold in the line with the original Venus D'Royce.
- Fully airbrushed body and facial paint
- Applied lashes. Felted articulation
- Black mid calf lace up, buckle up stiletto boots
- Black patterned diamond hose
- Black tulle underdress
- Black patent and lurex silk overdress. Matching silk panties
- Winged bolero in custom sequin
- Firey red attached wig in nape bowle. Side part and laser cut swallow detailing
- Padded box and doll stand

Limit two dolls per customer.


The outfit is pretty spectacular and I like the face paint and red wig. But...yeah I don't know. There will also be a crystal and mohair twinset and an outfit called Mass that will compliment Haute Swallow. I am not sure if this makes me want her more or less...as the chances of getting superdoll outfits always seem slim to me. Do I even want to try and then be disappointed? After seeing better pics of this doll I might just have to bite and hope to god I get the outfits and I am able to pay everything off somehow...ugh. Temptation.

***UPDATE***I have given in and ordered her...now to sell off a kidney.


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