And yet more Tonner Dolls! Weee

I went to a and there are even more pics when I return! The videos are up as well.

Mera Queen of Atlantis
is a fun idea...not my cup of tea. I do like the festive headdress though.

Looks like FAO is getting some exclusives again. I am guessing the Wonder Woman trunk set, the Rapunzel, and it looks like a Joan Crawford with raven hair....maybe the one from the Jungle Red outfit.

There's a 12" marley-sized Little red Riding Hood coming too. Looks like the Alice sculpt. And it seems like the gray polka dot dress Marley is a part of the Regina collection.

The final production doll of Snape looks pretty awesome...wonder how he would like with Lara Croft?

And the production version of Will Turner. I am still not sold on him. I will need to see him in person I think. The hairline looks good though. I like what they did with that and as always the outfit looks very detailed and wonderful.

Here's a link to some more pictures by Marcia!

From Marcia's pictures, I am curious what the sculpt is for Rapunzel. She has a pretty face but I am sooooo uninterested in all that purple. The Devereaux Sisters are thus far not tempting me...which is good. The only one I am currently interested in is Louise in the cream suit...but still, not high on the list.

The DC Women of Power Poison Ivy "Sealed with a Kiss" is in a strangely mismatched green knit and chiffon dress with weird maribou. Not liking that one at all. She does have very pretty variegated hair color though. However the Blonde Bomshell Black Canary is AWESOME!...and super tempting.

Malificent has a fabulous face sculpt. I really hope we see her in normal skin tone. And I do really love that Lana Lang sculpt...tempting tempting.

Now if only I could get a better look at the DC Stars trunk....

Here are some more nice pics by George from Angelic Dreamz. That pic of the fancy dress Wonder Woman makes her look so so nice. I like the makeup. Gach..I need to stop looking at these!
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