Tonner Fall/Holiday Collection is up! Squeal!!!

Head on over to Tonner to check out the full Fall/Holiday Collection!

Here's what's new...

-A bitchy looking raven wigged Sydney called Pulp Fiction.
-A new strawberry blonde Shauna doll Sun Kissed Sophisticate in a very cute Ellowyne-esque dress.
-A brunette Tyler in the dread ponytail with a red dress and big bulky coat.
-A russet long haired Syndey in a purple gown.

I am only tempted by the Shauna because I like the dress and I still don't have a Shauna/Queen of Hearts sculpt yet.

Wizard of Oz
-A Winkie Guard! The outfit is awesome but it's too bad they did not give him a handsome head sculpt...I would have bought him for sure if he were handsome...
-Ballerina Glinda and Elphaba at a ridiculous $179 price idea but way way out of my price range. I don't get why these are so expensive when they don't even seem to have the pricier fabrics on the costumes. It does not even look like silk and not a micro-sequin in site. These are both limited to 150 pieces.


-Basic Joan...I like this scuplt and I think it really does look like Joan. They got her cheekbones right anyway. She's a brunette.
-Hollywood Starlet is a redhead. I recognized this costume right away. It's the fabulous ruffle portrait collar white chiffon dress with a black belt.
-Cinema Siren is a platinum haired gal with a silver suit with black fur detail.
-Mad About the Hat is another auburn haired in a plummy suit. Another really recognizable fashion worn by Joan.
-Jungle Red is a fabulous outfit. It's a must have for me. It would also look smashing on Wonder Woman! The Joan sculpt also looks amazing in this photo. I think that's the basic doll...she is definitely coming home with me.
-Publicity Shoot is a navy blue suit.
The Joan Crawford line is pretty will appease the Brenda Starr collectors and might tempt some Gene fans to come on back to Tonner. Bravo Tonner! I definitely hope to pick up the Jungle Red outfit and the basic Joan.

Friday Foster

Another comic strip come to life. She is in the Dreamgirls 'medium' skin tone and features a new sculpt. I like the sculpt alot. She might make a nice Vixen for my DC Stars dolls.
-Basic Friday is AWESOME! Great retro hair and a foxy gold bathing suit. the shoes are the boring plastic variety though.
-Thank God it's Friday dressed doll in a micro-sequin mini-dress and gogo boots. She is pretty tempting as well. that mini-dress would look swell on a white skinned Luna.
-Far Out Friday- Super afro and leopard print bell bottom jumpsuit with platform shoes. man these are too fun.
-Funky Friday is a hippy type outfit
-Stellar Stripes is a fun hot pants and long skirt number.
I think the Thank God it's Friday doll might be coming home with me.

Alice in Wonderland

-There's a King and Queen of Hearts dolls. Looks like a brunette Sean with a soul patch and emo haircut and a brunette Sweetheart sculpt. Both seem to be dressed in regency era costumes.

Snow Queen
Wee another fairytale!
-The Snow Queen...doesn't seem to be a new sculpt? Maybe its the same sculpt as the Wicked Witch of the East? Not sure. She has platinum hair and pretty silvery makeup. The outfit has panniers and a great hooded coat.
-Kai in peasant boy wear. Looks like a blonde Marley sculpt.
-Gerda in peasant girl wear looks like a brunette Alice sculpt.
the Queen is very tempting... I might wait and see what else he does with her in the 2009 collection.

NYCB Ballet

-Snowflake dressed doll- cute silver tea length tutu
-Marie in an adorable pink and brown silk dress. She looks like a little cake!

Dick Tracy

Finally we get to see Dick himself!

-Dick Tracy-He has molded hair! That's pretty interesting. The yellow trench and fedora aren't as comic yellow as I thought they'd be. I like him. He has a good older man's face.

So here is the damage that will be done to my bank account in the future:

-Holiday Sister Dreary
-Black Canary
-Mummy Dearest
-Thank God It's Friday
-Jungle Red Gown

-I like basic Joan alot...but I am really trying to focus down the collection to the comic stuff and the gothy not sure if Joan really fits in.
-Snow Queen...i might wait and see. I like the face paint and sculpt..not completely sold on the outfit.
-Sun Kissed Shauna- i wish she had a different hair color and the dress though.


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