August '08 TonnerSpace Newsletter is Out!

Check it out!

Tonner Virtual Event Blog

American Model Winter Solstice won a DOTY! Congrats Tonner!

Some Joan Crawford news...the awesome doll used for the Jungle Red Outfit might be appearing as an actual doll in the collection! This is great news indeed and I am glad I have held off on ordering any I think that one was the best.

There is a report on Comic Con...and a mention of Twilight that makes me wonder and hope that Tonner might be getting this license. Do you hear that...the sound of millions of teen girls (and women) squealing....

In the Upcoming events part...there is a blurb about the DeAnna Denton collection that will be debuting at the Modern Doll Convention in late September. I have no idea what that is...anyone else?

So there you have it!
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