Tonner Fall 2008...My thoughts..

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to hear this...

Pirates of the Caribbean
Will Turner's outfit looks great. I still wish he were tan. I am also not convinced on the sculpt. I look forward to seeing real pics of this guy. Tia Dalma is an exciting idea. I hope she does not have an open mouth sculpt. The price is way out of my range but I imagine it's due to the details of her outfits and the dreads and such. Can't wait to see pictures!

DC Stars
Well I love the DC Stars...this women of power fashion lineup is very fun and interesting. I am still super super tempted by the fancy dress Wonder Woman...I am trying very hard to resist. The rest I can live without but I think they are all pretty fun and actually not too insanely priced for what they are. I knwo lots of people are bummed about them being exclusives...but I am not too horribly upset about that. Perhaps it's because I also come from the comic/action figure land where annoying exclusives are the norm. I am used to it. I am also loving the FAO Trunk Set...but honestly you could have put a poo costume in that trunk and as long as that poo had the wonder woman "w" on it...i would still want it. The price is daunting...but only live once right?

I really REALLY hope we see more men in the 2009 lineup. Green Arrow, Flash, and Green Lantern must appear next year. Also another male villain would be swell...Lux Luthor gets my vote! And Cat Woman also makes sense to me. And a Powergirl using the Lara Croft body would be the coolest. I might make the blonde Deanna Denton doll into Powergirl in the meantime.

Black Canary is a must have for me....

Tyler Wentworth
The Boutique stuff is okay but not really my style. I like the jeans and the purple and brown pantyhose and the spare change top. I might try to pick these up later. I love that Sun Kissed Shauna outfit and would love to score that doll and outfit when it's on sale maybe.

Hmmmm...I wonder what/who Penny Lane is? I would still love to see an East Indian doll but I doubt that will happen with this one. I would love to see some really edgy boutique outfits from Voss.

Wizard of Oz
Lots of people seem to hate the ballet Oz stuff. I think they are sort of fun. I even like the Emilie but I actually like the Emilie sculpt and think her hair is very cute. I would love to see better pictures of the Wicked Witch of the East basic doll...i find the sculpt interesting. I still think Tonner really missed the boat by making the winkie guard fugly....if he were would have been very very cool to get him. I love the outfit and cool looking green guy would have been fun.

The Deveraux Sisters
Also not tempting me. I am not sure why because you would think these would totally be my bag. Maybe later...but I am not wild about the fashions nor the haircolors and hairstyles. I look forward to more characters in this line.

Joan Crawford
Love it. It's all fabulous. I really want Jungle Red and at least one basic doll...I might wait to see if there is a surprise exclusive later on. But the whole line is perfect and really top notch. Brutal prices...but it's all expensive this year.

Friday Foster
Another bravo. So very cute and clever. I would really like to add one of these dressed dolls or at least the basic doll to my collection. I think she would make a swell Vixen for my DC Stars.

Deanna Denton
I am not as crazy about the sculpt on this one. but I do like the Lara Croft body and having high heeled feet would be swell. The outfits are fine...but I am thinking of getting the blonde to make into Powergirl and that's it. I will wait to see what Tonner does next for Lara Croft. I like her sculpt and storyline better.

Matt O'Neil
I just broke down and ordered the tan Matt the other day. I think he might stand in as Green Arrow for awhile...otherwise the rest of this is snoozeville.

Regina Collection
That Kir Royale Carrie is gorgeous. I am trying to resist...the rest are nice but I don't collect this style of fashion doll anymore. Oh and I hate Angelina in that platinum hair.

Sleeping Beauty
So so nice. Sleeping Beauty was my princess when I was younger...i still have the dolls. But I really cannot get these...just no room at the inn for these. I do like Lana with the blonde hair though. I would love a basic aurora doll. And Prince Phillip please...he was sooo hot for a cartoon.

So there you have it...
my must: Black Canary
my nearly musts: FAO Wonder Woman Trunk, Diana of Themiscyra, Thank God It's Friday, Jungle Red, Basic Joan with dark hair
my maybes: Will Turner, Blonde Basic Deanna Denton
on super clearance: Sun Kissed Sophisticate, Kir Royale, Spare Change Boutique top, Aurora...

And still waiting to see the Get Smart dolls and whatever brutalness Tonner rolls out for the Halloween convention...i will be very poor this year.
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