Knitty Summer Surprise Patterns & Other Knitting Updates

Hey Teach! is super cute. I love it! Then there's Tank Girl by Vicki Howell, a cute tank with festive drop stitch detail. And finally a floaty lacey pullover called Sea Tangles which though cute, scares me. I am still scarred after my first attempt with fluffy lacey yarn...

The new Interweave is coming soon! Weee Preview pics are up on the site. The knotty or nice socks look fun,the backstage Tweed Jacket looks promising, and the Whisper Stripe Pullover looks great but EXPENSIVE in all that yummy alchemy yarn. No way could I afford that one...ugh.

I picked up the most recent KnitScene just before my vacation and I am most definitely attempting that swell renaissance-y hoodie...Riding to Avalon.

While on vacation and during my prolonged sick leave I managed to finish two pairs of socks and even block one! Shocking I know. I made my own sock blockers out of some salvaged gator board..or that kind of plastic corrugated card board used to make outside for sale signs and sometimes to display art. I found some in the trash at the college and grabbed it all. It cut fairly easily with kitchen shears and they work pretty nicely. Weee! Pics impending.


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