Another FAO Discount Code %15 off!

Perfect to use on the Wonder Woman trunk. It knocks $52.50 off the total of $350. Of coourse shipping is $35 but still make the blow slightly less painful. The code is LDFALL. I have no idea when it expires!

**Ugh...i was just about to order it when i noticed they were charging sales tax to order shipping in Illinois...which adds up to $33 or so...thereby negating the discount altogether. Grrrrr. Stupidsales tax. I have a friend who's fiance lives just over the border in maybe i can have it shipped there and she can bring it back to me when she goes for a visit. hmm...$35 is a decent chunk of change...or maybe i will just hope it will be a raffle prize at the halloween convention and i will throw all my tickets in it!

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