Ultra Exclusive Phobias at Superdoll Soon

As if collecting Sybarites wasn't stressful enough...Superdoll is planning to torture us some more by randomly putting ultra limited fashions on their website in the coming month. I believe there are four Phobias in all each limited to some where between 3 pcs and 20 pcs. Ugh. But they do look cool but might not be everyone's cup of tea. No word as to when or how much and you can see a preview of at least two of them in the October issue of Haute Doll. So I recommend obsessively checking the site every four minutes or so if you want to get them. I am currently doing that so that I can get the pieces that go with Swallow...should some nice soul stumble across them and want to order them for me, I will not complain. After seeing the pictures of Swallow in the new Haute Doll...damn am I happy I bit the bullet and ordered this doll. It's way too much money...but I adore her. So I definitely need to sell off some more stuff. Between her and the upcoming Tonner Convention...It's going to be a brutal year for dolls. And by brutal I mean...expensive.
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