Misaki Mint Cool & Spun Sugar

So I was lucky enough to snag this girl in a recent W Club Lottery. I love the high waist jeans. I sadly missed out on Misaki Candy Cutie in a price that I could afford. Boo. I am now trying to hunt down an ITBE Zolt or Zing from the 2014 Gloss Convention to reroot in a candy color to stand in her place. I might reroot this Misaki as well in a mint color. We shall see.

Designer Mark Tinkey shared inspiration sketches of recent Misaki designs on his doll instagram.

Item# 81082
Mint Cool
Misaki™ Dressed Doll
The FR: Nippon™ Collection
Edition Size: 300 Dolls
Head Sculpt: Misaki
Body Type: FR Nippon (Similar to Poppy Parker)
Foot Sculpt: Traditional/Kitten heel
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Brunette
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-applied
Quickswitch: No

The Story:

Misaki looks absolutely scrumptious, dressed for an action-packed day about town! Tokyo is her home and kawaii is her style!


  • 12" fully articulated doll with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes
  • Fashion (high-waist light denim jeans, adorable pink t-shirt, mint metallic denim jacket with pink fur covered sleeves)
  • Purse with "sleepy eye" print
  • Pink sunglasses
  • Pink socks
  • "Winged" athletic shoes
  • Jewelry (earrings and finger ring)
  • Pair of regular flesh-toned hands
  • Pair of alternate "painted-on gloves" hands
  • Doll stand

UPDATE:The socks are a lie...she does not come with the socks. They were meant for Spun Sugar...

Spun Sugar Misaki was also released recently from Misaki dealers. Her outfit is adorable and designer Mark Tinkey is killing it with these candy colored Kawaii dolls.  I am skipping her though as I am desperately trying to save for convention and club doll preorders and coming down the pike shortly.


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