Tonner Toy Fair 2018 Updates!

News from Toy Fair is starting to trickle in...

Thus far, Tonner has posted two videos on Instagram showing the Blue Evening Gown with the sword in the back and the Amazon Training Wonder Woman.

The Gala gown blue dress is a stand alone fashion retailing for $109 and nearly ready to ship. It will come with blue shoes (which I love...even though she actually wears her boots in the movie). In the video he says that it comes with the sword too...which I find hard to believe due to the price...bu maybe this is a plastic sword?  I don't know...if it does come with the sword then it is a pretty good deal indeed.

He also shared a video of the Amazon Training Armor which looks AMAZING and extremely accurate to the film. It looks like the bodice is done using the same molded technique as the original armor. Her hair is in the great fishtail braid. This is a dressed doll retailing for $210. I'm excited for her.

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Combing through comments, it seems they have plans for a more "basic" WW doll based on her Justice League look. Also, accessory packs with shoes and extra hands. There is a Wonder Woman on display wearing the black cloak too and based on comments, the cloak will either be sold on its own, or come with a re-issued version of Wonder Woman in the armor.

More dolls from the Justice League are coming too.  Weee....


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