Resolution Watch 2018 Week 3

Another week down. I had a root canal last week followed by the little got done in way of exercising. Then we had two snow days and folks round here (NC) cannot drive on a good day let alone in ice and snow. So I had cabin fever like crazy combined with a lack of motivation/energy.
I did manage to get two script proposals submitted to a theatre AND started an outline for another play.  I also sold some more dolls, deboxed some that were still in boxes, and changed the outfits on a few more. Go me.

Still no new clothing purchases! Well no human clothing. I did finally hunt down the stripe Barbie fashionista fashion pack so I can chill for awhile on the obsessive toy aisle patrols. 

This coming week I am getting the crown on the root canal tooth (BOOO). I am hoping it won't keep me down for long. I have a ton of shopping to get done for The Wiz this week and research to compile for Neverwhere at Lifeline. Weeee.


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