2018 Resolutions-Making an effort in 2018!

Another year around the sun. Time to make some new choices, start new habits, and make some changes.

#1 Ethical Clothing Pledge
It has been a while since I did the Ethical Clothing Pledge. I think it is time to try it again. The last time was 2010 (the year I got married). I was losing weight and my sizes kept changing...also I was trying to save money. The same goes for this year. I really need to shed the extra baby weight AND saving money is always good. Plus, fast fashion is so destructive to the world in so many ways. So I am resolved to only purchase recycled/upcycled/thrift clothing, ethically produced clothing, or make the clothing myself. (Note this does not apply to socks, shoes, and undergarments...because grody). I have tons of fabric to use for new clothes. I have all the workout clothing one could ever need and lots of good work clothes. In 2010 I made it the whole year only purchasing one Wonder Woman t-shirt from MAC, one backup wedding dress on clearance from Anthro, and one souvenir awesome vintage style dress from Trashy Diva in NOLA on our honeymoon. So I think I can be good again this year. Plus we have nice thrift stores here in Charlotte. I am hoping to extend this to my son and husband as well. This type of thing is such a money saver for kids clothes. I'm also adding makeup/beauty products to this pledge. Lord knows I don't need anymore makeup. Seriously, where do I go that I need glitter eyeliner? It must stop somewhere.

#2 Hydrate or Die
I got a snazzy glass water bottle in a recent Fabfitfun box. I am going to use the heck out of it.

#3 Newton's Law of Motion
Keep working out. I have already been doing this but my lack of weight loss indicates that I am only moving enough to maintain. So if I am going to make any progress, I need to kick it up a notch with more variety and intensity in addition to cutting my caloric intake. I have also been slowly adding things into the mix like a makeshift standing desk at work when I am doing a lot of grading and using my hula hoop while watching the television. Little things add up. I want to take some dance classes again too. That will be a summer project.

#4 Planner
Since adding a planner to my life, I have definitely noticed that I get more things done and forget a lot less. I know I can be better about using them and I am trying to branch out a little more with a budget and fitness tracker aspect to the planner. I also have a separate one for my small business and crafty projects.

#5 Simplify
I'm not going full "Kon-Marie" but I definitely need to purge some more stuff (family stuff too). Some of this is in preparation for a move this summer. But I also find that too much stuff distracts from the things that I love. It is overwhelming. So I plan to do another run at pairing down the doll collection. I need to do another clothing purge as well. Our bookshelves are also ridiculous. Don't even get me started on the fabric and yarn collection. The yarn collection in particular is very problematic. I have definitely not been knitting at all lately but it just feels wrong to get rid of stuff. I was able to let go of a whole bin this summer in our yard sale...but the rest still lurks.

#6 Creativity at Home
I spend much of my life being crafty and creative, but most of that focus lands well outside of my home and family. So I want to make more of an effort for some selfish creativity...doing something that will benefit and beautify the life of my family. Make more quilts. Redo the couch cushions. Make a painting for the wall. Sew more clothes for myself and my son. Knit and spin.

#7 Spinning
I bought a wheel three years ago and it still is in the box. Enough already...I need to get this thing out and running. I think it might be the push that I need to start knitting again too.

#8 Reading
My husband and I have agreed to turn the television off for at least an hour every night to read. Partly this is to reduce tv time, but also to show our son that reading is important. I have tons of books to finish. I already finish at least a book a week by listening to audiobooks...but my reading habits could definitely be better.

#9 Three Plays. Three Papers. Three Chapters.
These are my academic/creative writing goals for 2018.

#10 Play with Dolls
Yeah this seems obvious...but sometimes I forget. There are definitely dolls in the cabinet that have not been touched in 2017. I resolve to take them all out and change their clothes, take photos, etc...or get rid of them.

#11 Make an Effort
My yearly resolution that applies to pretty much everything. This year in particular I need to put myself out there more. Make some friends. Meet people. Go places. Make connections. I am attending a quilting group. I am going to a new academic conference. I am sending my work to new theatres. I joined the United Scenic Artists Union. Baby steps. But all of these things come with a new and exciting level of social anxiety for me...so yeah, slow and steady progress.

Tentative Resolutions...these are not absolutes...but things I am considering for the year.

#11 One Doll Enters; One Doll Leaves
For every new doll, an old one must get the boot. My display cases have hit critical mass. I am even considering doing a rotation treatment in the case. Where I put some gals away for a while to better display the others. I would like to have some scenes/dioramas so in order to do this I need more space.

#12 No Mainline Poppy Dolls
This one is extreme, but I am contemplating skipping the mainline releases this year and just sticking with the club dolls and convention dolls. I think it is doable...but it will take so much willpower. I still have two girls from the second wave of the Swinging London dolls coming from this year and lord knows there will be at least three Club Poppies to order (an upgrade doll, and two exclusives). Plus there is the Plaid Poppy lottery coming which I hope to win.

#13 One Sculpt to Rule Them All
I generally try to limit the collection to one of each sculpt unless there is something wildly different about the repeat sculpt (i.e. skin tone or wild hair). This does not work in the case of Poppy, Jem, Elyse, Agnes, or Adele. For the rest I am doing pretty good.

#14 Budget for Convention/Hobby
Last year I set up an online savings account via Capital One that withdraws a small amount from each paycheck. I also have my etsy sales going to this account as well. I would also transfer money into it whenever I sold a doll or doll related item via the club or eBay. It is a simple way to start a little fund that does not directly impact your household budget. Ideally, my goal is to make this a self-sustaining hobby; meaning I only spend what I have actually made via etsy and doll sales. This is especially useful when those massive down payments are needed for registration and collection pre-orders.


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