W Club Luncheon Roundup -Fashion Fairytale IT Convention

A whole new world....

That was my high school prom theme (barf...I did NOT approve). That also tells you how old I am. Anyway, today's W Club lunch featured Rayna as Jasmine and the swag doll was Giselle as Aladdin. There was also an epic question/answer panel with some of the IT design team letting us know what is coming up next. For Poppy, next year's theme is "City Sweetheart" that will be a mix of pre-mod early sixties with modern Kate Spade-esque styling. I also read something about a return to early screening styles (including some sans glued on eyelashes) and some high heel feet mixed in. They are also working on bringing Ginger and some other characters. We shall see. Fashion Royalty will be inspired by the Bali Festival with a dash of fetish. The new homme body is nearly ready to go and Victoire will be showing up soon in the East 49th dolls.
Item # 82093
Natural Wonder
Rayna Ahmadi™ Dressed Doll
The NU. FACE Collection

The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale

W Club Luncheon Exclusive Centerpiece
Edition Size: 420 Dolls

Man they really are into these deep V cleavage dresses lately. Oye. I am not wild about the fashion. I like the color, the jewelry, and the shoes but the not sure if I will keep the jumpsuit. The doll is gorgeous though. I have Neo Romantic on order so I will have to think hard about who stays and who goes. She is super pretty though. Maybe she can hang out for a little while at least until the other Rayna arrives.

Item # 82094
Giselle Diefendorf™ Dressed Doll
The NU. FACE Collection

The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
W Club Luncheon Exclusive Giveaway Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Gender bending Giselle as Aladdin. Fun. Looks like she might be in the Hungarian skin tone with nearly the same screening as Majesty Giselle. I like her as well. I will have to compare her with AKA Gigi and see which one wins. I actually really like this outfit too.  And the shoes are AMAZING...they are little mini Jason Wu shoes.

I am surprised that there are 600 of these though. Usually the luncheon souvenir dolls are more limited since it is only open to W Club members (and there couldn't possibly have been 600 club members there). I assume this means that there will be some leftover for lottery fodder.


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