Thursday Evening Roundup-Fashion Fairytale IT Convention

Item # 91427
The Queen of Everything
Agnes Von Weiss™ Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale

Table Centerpiece
Edition Size: 420 Dolls

Long live the Evil Queen. I love the ruff...but man this looks like a STAIN-A-THON to me. The screening looks similar to Festive Decadence maybe? Not my favorite look for her. I am sure others are pleased. My number was not drawn (thankfully). The chair was pretty awesome. I believe the chair cost $60.

Item # PP127
Fairest of All
Poppy Parker® Dressed Doll 
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Dinner Event Giveaway Doll
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Snow White. Perfect choice and I think the outfit is very cute. I will need to see her in person to decide if she stays. I already have an adorable raven poppy (girl from IT) but this doll does have the new high heel feet. Tempting. 

Item # 82090A 
Sweet Dreams 
Welcome Multi-Part Giftset

Nadja Rhymes™ Dressed Doll

The NU. FACE Collection

The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale

Build-a-Giftset Part A
Edition Size: 600 Dolls

Sleeping Beauty. Love her. The shirt is a cropped lacey number that is very cute. I think these pieces will be cute mixed with the Reckless dolls. I think it will work. I don't have a Nadja yet so I was excited to see her. And Kudos to IT for finally listening to the pleas for more diversity. 

Item # 73008
Wicked Glamour
Constance Madssen™ Dressed Doll
The East 59th™ Collection

The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Special Event Giveaway Doll
Edition Size: 200 Dolls

Lady Tremaine from Cinderella. I like the dress better now that I see it from the back, but it is not a must have for me. I love the hair on the doll though and that streak is so fun. Sadly this sold out too fast and my WONDERFUL proxy did not get in. The doll is a steal at the original event price but I imagine she will fetch much more on the secondary market. I think I would be better off buying the original raven Constance nude and just rerooting her with a streak.

Item # 73007
Midnight Glimmer
Evelyn Weaverton™ Dressed Doll
The East 59th™ Collection
The 2017 Integrity Toys Convention: Fashion Fairytale
Exclusive Event Doll
Edition Size: TBA (pre-order information to come).

Cinderella! Great doll. Looks like this is based on a Venus Dior dress. Lovely. I really like the hair color too. Looks like it might be the same blonde on the Constance Cocktails doll (which I love). It seems like this will be a made to order doll for attendees only (much like the Le Vie en Blu Elyse from last year). I bet she will be PRICEY. Again, I don't do gowns...but there is no denying that this is a STUNNING piece of dolly art and a fantastic translation of vintage couture to a small scale. Bravo.

There were also four Color Infusion nude dolls for sale for it looks like $40 bucks in the IT salesroom. Looks like a red head Declan, a raven Jaeme Costas, a AA Ollie with an afro?, and and AA guy with a ponytail...maybe Kieron? The Declan is tempting...


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