Fashion Fairytale Thursday Convention Musings...

Well, one day down. I’m pleased so far. I am not loving everything...which is a good thing since I can’t afford to want it all (or anything really). It feels ‘costumey’ at times...kind of like nearly ALL Tonner convention items towards the end there...but a lot of these are versatile pieces that just need some more subtle styling to look less like a Halloween party and more like fashionistas.

I like that there has been some color in the fashions and diversity in skin tones and doll lines so far. Having a Misaki gift set was a huge surprise and really fun as I don’t really have the mental bandwidth to deal with getting her from Japan. I also like how they mixed Fr with Poppy at dinner tonight. I wonder if that will continue with a poppy centerpiece tomorrow? Or maybe Poppy is done for the convention? I’d be fine with that actually since there are THREE in the sales room plus two in the style lab. or maybe we will finally see a new character? Ginger? Is that her name?

I’m holding out hope for a stunning Adele. (And we’ve yet to see A Tiana inspired doll). Since we’ve already seen Agnes and several key characters in the collection, the field is still wide open for Adele, Elyse, Dania, Jordan, Kyori, and Isha. As far as nuFace, I am hoping for an Annik or Rayna. Collette in a tan skin tone would make a lovely Moana as well.


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