La Femme Update...

So I am weak. I had initially decided to pass on the Agnes event doll...but then I kept thinking about her swell short hair and the FR White skin tone with the awesome shirt and pretty eyes...and then I went and ordered her. Sigh.  I can always sell the lace skirt. I think the shirt will be a great wardrobe piece. I wonder if it is a bodysuit like some of the other blouses in the Nu Face Heirloom collection? These pieces will also be nice to mix with the Cruella De Ville doll coming from the convention collection.  And that little clutch is too cool. See...this is what I did to talk myself into ordering her. I must be stopped.

So then, of course, the evening after the pre-order deadline for Agnes, Integrity lets us know that Bronze Seduisante Elyse will no longer be a lottery doll and that everyone can get her...needless to say, everyone lost their minds with gratitude. I ordered her of course because I do love me some Elyse and I am excited about the flat feet. I am definitely going to make a skirt or kimono top to go along with the suit.

It seems as though both of these collections were huge hits and much of it is sold out. Adele is the standout favorite and it is too bad that they did not give her a larger edition. I managed to secure a split for Heiress Erin's sweet outfit. That little train case and spider ring were keeping me up at night and I decided I need to have it.

And now IFDC is coming up and I have often been wild about Integrity's offerings there. I am considering attending that convention myself next year. Here is hoping I hate the dolls this year because I really don't need any more plastic temptation. I am already worried about Tonner's Wonder Woman dolls. I really hope they are hideous and/or way too then I can just be happy with a Collector Barbie version...or even splurge on a Hot Toys.

Well, regardless, these recent purchases mean I need to do some serious purging of the current collection. There are definitely some girls that I have been neglecting that could be sent packing. It is always hard to let some of these things go...but as I have written about before, sometimes collections get so large that they become a burden. I am trying to keep it tight, fresh, and fun...


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