Final Jem Gift Set and W Club Exclusive Studio Playset. Farewell Jem... (or is it really Farewell?)

Well by the time the link for the public goes live tomorrow, these might already be history. Allegedly this is the end of the line. The email, however, hints that there might be more surprises in store. Many collectors are hoping for another issue of Aja, Shana, and Roxy..even if they are nude or baggy dolls. We shall see. I'm sad to see the line end, but frankly I don't have space for the dolls that I already have. I am also really enjoying making the fashions from the show on my own.

This final set is pretty nice.  This is not an outfit that I would have tackled on my own and the results from Integrity are pretty wonderful.  The detail is excellent and the swapped sculpts on Jem and Jerrica is a great bonus. Plus, look at Jem's AMAZING shoes! All in all, it is a decent value for the set (two dolls for $175) and with a smaller edition size of 400 pieces, it is likely to sell out.  I am still surprised that we did not get at least a cardboard cutout Synergy console. I have the materials all ready to make my own...but I still hold out some hope that we will get one last surprise.

W Club members are also able to order the exclusive Studio Playset replicating KJem Radio Station and LinZ's tv studio. Jem fans that did not join the club this year must really be kicking themselves. The set looks really swell and also features the starstruck guitar and some fun furniture pieces. It is a pricey $85 and I am really undecided. I want some of the pieces but have no room to display the set. I'd love the guitars and stand plus the furniture...but are those things really worth $85?  Oye.  I might just pass for now and tempt fate that if I change my mind later, I can take over someone's order or buy the things that I want piecemeal.

Item # 14096
Sophisticated Lady
Adult Collectible
Approximate Ship Date: Now In-Stock (Shipping shortly after payment is received)
Limited Edition Size: 400 Gift Sets Only
Price: $175.00 + Shipping, Handling and Tax Per Gift Set
 Head Sculpt: JEM & Jerrica Benton
Body Type: JEM / Color Infusion 1.0
Skintone: Japan (Both Dolls)
Hair Color: Pink (Jem) and Blond (Jerrica Benton)
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand-Applied
Quickswitch: No

Pragmatic music executive JERRICA BENTON and the glamorous JEM are fully articulated dolls with fully rooted hair and hand-applied eyelashes. Dressed to impress as always, JERRICA wears an 80s inspired two-piece ensemble in complementary shades of purple and lavender, offset with a bright pink hat, neck scarf and scarf belt. She also completes the look with faux-suede booties, a dark purple bracelet and her signature JEMSTAR earrings, which allow her to turn into the fantastic JEM! Once transformed into JEM, she wears a truly outrageous two-piece skirt suit with strategically placed embroidery details that add all of the glamour that she needs for those exciting interviews and special appearances! JEM also wears a matching embroidered hat, a beautiful necklace and some killer pumps to complete her fantastic look!  Two individual doll stands and a certificate of authenticity are also included. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. 

Item # 14095
Adult Collectible
Approximate Ship Date: Early Fall 2017
Limited Edition Size: TBA (Edition size based on total orders received)
Suggested Retail Price: $85.00 + Shipping and Handling Per Playset
Tech Specs
Materials Used: Plastic, Acrylic and Card Stock (Backdrop)
Approximate Dimension: 16" High X 16.75 Wide X 6.5 Deep
Complete Parts List:
1X Reversible Backdrop (Card Stock)
1X TV Set With Six Interchangeable "Topic" Images
1X Radio Station Shelving Unit
6X Miniature Music Records
1X Lin-Z TV Logo / Sign
1X KJEM Radio Logo/ Sign
2X Microphones With Articulated Arms
4X Miniature Mic Flags (2 for KJEM and 2 for Lin-Z TV)
2X Mic Cables
2X Mic Wireless Antennas
2X Neon Stools
1X Guitar Stand
1X Starstruck Guitar
1X Lightning Strikes Guitar
4X Acrylic Lighting Bolt Decor Pieces
2X Articulated Spotlights
1X Interview Table
1X Pair of Headphones
1X Mixing Console
1X Instruction Sheet
1X Certificate of Authenticity

Ultra detail-oriented and constructed to last, this amazing playset will take you right back to the 80s and allow you to display your JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS collection like never before! The perfect backdrop to many of JEM's adventures, here Lindsey Pierce can finally have a studio of her own to make all those cool announcements and play those exciting 80's music videos! Alternately, the set can be assembled to re-create the KJEM Radio station set from the 80s, however in a more modern, easier to display mode. As a fantastic bonus, the set includes two ultra-rare guitars from the show, Shana Elmford's ultra cool "Lighting Bolt" guitar and the #1 fan requested guitar, the "Starstruck" Guitar!

The set includes all of the components listed above and will be shipping flat to reduce shipping fees. Minimal assembly will be required, easy to follow instructions will be provided. Designed to fit most modern display cabinets! For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. 

NOTE: The sets and components shown in the following photos depict a prototype. Please note that final colors and textures may vary slightly. NO DOLLS ARE INCLUDED WITH THIS SET. All dolls shown are for display purposes only and are sold separately.


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