W Club Upgrade Riviera Drama Agnes Revealed

I waffled a bit about pre-ordering this doll sight unseen but she turned out to be pretty stunning. I was hoping that the jumpsuit was going to be turquoise or coral. I am not sure if I am in love with this fashion in this color but I like the purse and shoes. The screening on the doll is nice. She looks a lot like Intimate Reveal (whom I adore) and has that "Bitch I will cut you!" look about her. The hair looks a bit like a helmet...and hopefully can get softer without getting too frizzy. I think I will decide on whether she stays or goes once she is in hand. Happily it looks like many wclub collectors are regretting that they skipped her (what's the doll equivalent of FOMO?  FOMD?). So I expect she won't be difficult to sell or trade.


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