IT Jem Line Ends with an Accessory Pack & Sophisticated Lady Duo

I think IT got tired of the rampant and wild speculation about the final two offerings in the Jem they finally put us out of our misery. The Sophisticated Lady gift set looks pretty swell. I am very excited to get a Jerrica with a smiling Jem head. I also like the outfit choices. I am sad the line is ending though my wallet will be happy. It is a HUGE bummer that we are not getting another Shana or Aja. I was wildly disappointed that one of the final four was BLOODY WEDDING KIMBER!  I cannot think of a single doll that I wanted LESS.  Ugh. I still live in hope that they will just release some nude dolls at the very least. If not I might try to hunt down the sculpts from the Style labs and just make another custom version.

Happily for my etsy store and custom outfits, I can now make things knowing that IT will not be making an official version.  I will be making quite a few new outfits this summer.

The sneak peaks we got of the accessory pack looks like we are getting a playset...maybe K Jem? I'm hoping for a Synergy console...but if it doesn't happen I have plans to make my own.


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