IT Convention 2017 and the Year so far in My Doll World: There will be blood...

The bloodletting has begun. Hold your credit card out in sacrifice to the doll overlords. There will be no mercy. You will want them all and do anything to get them. Maybe a little dramatic...? But sometimes doll collecting feels like a high stakes, cut throat death race (*cough* trouble eden ebay prices). It seems like every year I swear that I will cut back only to give in again and get bled dry.

In case you missed it (and if you missed it...then you REALLY missed it), the IT Fashion Fairytales Convention registration went on sale last Sunday.  Much tears and sweat and cursing were had by all who tried (and tried and tried and tried) to register.  The 500 spots sold out in record time and the process was riddled with server errors and time-outs evidently caused by a naughty member using bots or something high tech and jerk-like.  I sadly cannot go this year because the final saturday of the convention is the exact same day as one of my first dress rehearsal (le sigh). Luckily I have a I will at least get the goodies.  If you missed out on registration (or just gave up) you should definitely ask to be put on the mailing list as there are often cancellations and IT has even been known to open up a few more spots on occasion. One never knows.

Here we are at the end of March and still no word when this year's Poppy and Fashion Royalty lines will be launched...or if there will be a second Nu Face, a return of Victoire Roux, or even some brand new lines. So far we have had The Industry and a mini Nu Face collection (which technically launched in 2016 right?). It looks as though we might have another DIRE repeat of last year where the collections were announced in summer and arrived at about the EXACT SAME TIME as the convention. I don't think we've seen any of the club exclusive dolls either...oye. Brutal for the wallets of collectors.

I'm hoping to not love much this year as I have already bought more than my share. I picked up Madison from Coven for a steal (so I can have a Madison AND a Chanel Oberlin). I already pre-ordered Liu Liu and Tate from the Industry...but then had a crazy good St. patty's sale where I was able to pre-order the Tulabelle for 20% off. In a frenzy...I ordered a second Liu Liu so that I could give Tulabelle the flat feet lower leg option as well. I'm nuts. THEN I scored Trouble Eden in the lottery and of course pre-ordered a Lilith to join her later.  Then in another moment of weakness, I ordered Zipper...I don't even know why??? I think I will sell him nude. I also got lucky and was able to get Defiant Rayna off the waitlist (after passing on her during the pre-order window due to her jacked up face). In the flesh she is fabulous and I am so pleased. She looks great with the other Reckless Girls that I have (Eden, Erin, and Giselle).

So yeah...that is a whole mess of dolls and it is only MARCH. I have been purging though. I try hard to keep my collection down to only one or maybe two sculpts of the same doll (Poppy, Jem, and Jerrica are the exceptions). Some many of the ladies have been kicked off the island to make room. But I am definitely going to need a second Detolf stat.

So...back to the convention news. The theme is both interesting and terrifying. I am hoping it is not a bunch of FR dolls dressed in princess dresses...or maybe I do since I won't actually want them then. I am probably most excited for the Style Lab which will feature the new Industry Dolls instead of Color Infusion. I look forward to getting more fashions and shoes for the Industry gals and I'm hoping they will surprise us with some cool stuff. They have suggested Poppy will appear...which has left people wondering if this will be in Grandma Poppy form?  Who knows. I really want a fashionable Silver Dragon Lady doll for this line. I just pray it is not a bunch of cutesy fairy tale and lolita looking dolls. Not my thing.

They have given us another upgrade option in the form of Tatyana as Cruella. Annoyingly, we only have fashion sketches (which look great though) and so ordering her sight unseen is a bit nerve-wracking. I decided to take a gamble and get her. I don't have a Tatyana yet and the hair seems interesting to me.  I also want the cigarette holder and I am hoping the carrying case is cool. I did not get Sister Moguls and sold the Le Fete maybe this one will be amazing. I hope so as $200 is mighty steep. I doubt I will keep the long black skirt...but I am excited for the fur, the dalmatian shirt, and the red pumps. I plan to make some red high waist pants for this set and maybe something inspired by Cruella on Once Upon a Time.

Item # 91431
Fashionably Ruthless
Tatyana Alexandrova™  Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2017 Fashion Fairytale Upgrade
Limited Edition Size: TBA

Head Sculpt: Tatyana Alexandrova™ 2.0

Body Type: FR V6.0
Skintone: Porcelain
Hair Color: Platinum with Streak of Raven
Eyelashes: Yes


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