My first custom Blythe...Rosie Gold

Well I did it.  I did some sculpting on the face using an exacto and a battery sander/dremel type tool...mostly in the lip and nose region.  I did some festive eyelids and altered her so that she has sleep eyes. I did fairly simple face shading and added some subtle freckles. She has rose gold lips. I use watercolor pencils, soft pastels, and acrylic paint then sealed everything with Testors dulcotte (the lazy man's Mister Superclear).

I made fun new pull strings with some cording, beads, and charms that I had (including a vintage owl earring). I also did all new custom eye chips that I either hand painted or made with paper and fabric and glitter. The glitter eyes could be better and I will definitely redo them.  The glue did not dry as clear as I had hoped so the glitter is a bit cloudy.  I dressed her in some random barbie clothes.  I have not finished any sewing projects for her yet.


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