The Waiting Game...

So it's been more than two weeks now, and still no tracking number for my pre-ordered convention collection and style lab from Integrity. The waiting is brutal. I know that this is a possibility when I pre-order to be shipped to my home after the con; however, the discount combined with not having to deal with the hassle of shipping things home is normally worth it.  I try not to be a complainer...but this is getting to be a little ridiculous.  I mean how hard is it to send an email saying..."hey girl, we know you want your dolls...but keep your pants on...we got a delay".

Ugh. I had to pour a tumbler of three buck chuck just to write this post. So in the absence of my new dolls, I impulse purchased the Coven Marie Laveau doll after seeing some promising IRL photos on Flickr. She looks pretty nice. It seems that I am going to cave and get some more of the other dolls too.  I already have a deal for a split on Madison...but I might need a second one so I can have a Chanel too.


I finally got the boxes on Wednesday...only to find that I was missing two dolls from the color infusion collection and had two duplicates.  Groan. Evidently it seems like many people were missing dolls.  I already received a shipping notice for my MIA dolls and a return label for my dups.  


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