Saturday Convention Hangover #ITSUPERMODEL

Oh man. I forgot how hard it is when you don't stay at the Convention hotel. Yesterday was epic. 14 hours epic. From the 9a appointment in the Integrity store,  then style lab, then one more room sale to pick up the little retro outfit for Victoire, then lunch,  then setting up the table in the bazaar, then hair reroot workshop, more setup in bazaar, then bazaar...completed with a half hour wait in the taco bell drive up (desperation move). We got home at 11:30p. This morning,  I took one look at my fancy dress and cute shoes and said "hell no!" Converse it is.

I am currently wrecked.

I also had a great time though.  Lunch was a great surprise with a visit from supermodel Veronica Webb. Carol Roth did a wonderful interview with her and she was very inspiring. More on that later.

The doll haul on friday was mostly in bazaar purchases. I got a mystery box with a cinematic CI outfit that I already had (gave it to my mom to enable her. ..she bought a tres bon chic poppy and a Jillian Monroe in the style lab). I also got a Come Live With Me Nigel!  I have been wanting to get him to make into Zipper from Jem. Woot. I also picked up a three pack of jem shoes for 10 bucks mostly because they had Roxy's peep toe heels. They are my favorite. I grabbed Just My Style Poppy too. I passed on Jolie and the Camina ITBE. I also put in some raffle tickets.

In room sales, I grabbed an adorable casual pants set for Victoire. At lunch,  I passed on the Natalia centerpiece.  I have yet to warm up to her sculpt.  Shade Kyori was the table gift.  Super cute outfit.  I might be keeping this one. I was quite naughty at the bazaar. My table sales went really well which sorry if gave me permission to go nuts.

I picked up the amazing Cyborg outfit that I had already ordered from Julia at Culte de Paris. It is beyond cool and was totally worth it. I grabbed two of the recent Tulabelle outfits for $50 each and the first Nigel North outfit for 25. They are going mod again with the poppy line next year and I think I'd like to give her a guy to hang with. ..likely one of the fellas from this year's color infusion collection. I also picked up a $3 retro 80s belt, a boho jewelry sets from one a table mate,  and a cute dress for poppy from squish tish in Portugal for $20.
Pics coming. ..

This morning,  I took a chance on another mystery box and got the itbe Darla, and another cinematic outfit.  The purple bomber jacket one.  I had an idea to use a jem iron on for the back and make a fun jacket for Pizazz! Now it's time for the w club lunch.

My prediction/ fantasy for tonight's doll is a quick switch set with Agnes as Linda Evangelista in her trademark Bob in 3 colors. That would be amazing.


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