IT Supermodel Convention Thursday Wrap Up

Well this was a LONG DAY! My flight boarded at 5:25a in the eastern time zone and here I am at 11 central finally veining into bed. Yikes. I sadly don't hey into the salesroom until tomorrow so I spent much of today lurking over other collector's shoulders peering at their haul. One amazing gal spread out jet color infusion purchases on the hallway floor to let everyone take a gander. Bless her.

Since my mom and I weren't staying at the hotel, we spent a good chunk of the day sacked out in weird lounge chairs in the hotel. I dropped off my competition gals and then we headed to do a bit  of room shopping. I was mostly good.
I grabbed Monogram Admiration for a killer price. She will join Victoire's world. I also got this cool pop art sewing thing which I think will be fun on our new Tulabelle. Lastly I picked up an older FR fashion that will be perfect on Katy Keene. I might go back and get an adorable retro handmade outfit I saw in one room...I'm trying to resist.

Our swag haul today was pretty amazing.  I am loving the Tulabelle giftset so far. I had not planned to get this line. ..and now that I have one,  that vow may be broken.  I can't wait to see the last glad they brought back the giftset thing.  I also scored a centerpiece Poppy and the souvenir was adorbs. I haven't decided if I will keep both or just the centerpiece.


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