IT Supermodel Convention Style Lab "Too Funky"

Unlike previous years, it seems the ladies were way more popular than the gents.  I still don't have mine in hand yet but I have a few ideas about who will be staying and who will be going. I picked up Jaeme and the Poison outfit at convention because I was so wild about them and wanted to be sure I got a good one. The dolls did not come with stands this year.  Not a problem for me since I use kaiser stands normally.

Overall I think the fashions were pretty great. The women's looks especially.  I was sad to see no Asian sculpts and I was also really hoping for a dark AA woman with flocked hair a la model Alex Wek. Le sigh.

Item # 85107
Monroe Jillian™ Nude Doll Wearing...

Item # 85120
Pure Love (Fashion Only)
Love the Versace outfit.  So very cool.  I adore that they did a matching guy outfit too.

Item # 85108
Dree Hill™ Nude Doll
Love the sneakers and the little cropped hoodie. Not sure if I will keep the rest.  Dre is pretty and I don't have one of her yet but not sure if I love her.

Item # 85109
Laka O'Rion™ Nude Doll
Item # 85121
Poison (Fashion Only)

This outfit is amaze balls. Those boots! The cool harness top.That sweet jacket!  Love every bit of it. I like the doll too. I think she might stay with me. 

Item # 85110
Tilda Brisby™ Nude Doll
Item # 85119
All That She Wants (Fashion Only )
 Super cute outfit. Kind of reminds me of Clueless. Not sure about the doll yet.  I think my mom wants her if I decide to pass.

Item # 85111
Blue Burkhart™ Nude Doll
Item # 85124
Give it Up (Fashion Only)

I think I'm keeping both.  Love the outfit and the doll was just amazing in person.

Item # 85112
Jaeme Costas™ Nude Doll Wearing...
 Item # 85123
Teen Spirit (Fashion Only)

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Keeping both.

Item # 85113
Callum Windsor™ Nude Figure
Item # 85125
Whatta Man (Fashion Only)

Not sure I am keeping any of the guys except Tobias at this point.  But I will wait to see them in person. Not loving this outfit at all.  I don't get why the boots are brown?

Item # 85114
Ollie Lawson™ Nude Figure
Item # 85130
Mr. Vain (Fashion Only)

I'm still not sure about this one. The hair is great and he is definitely handsome.  He looks cool but I don't think he fits with my collection at all. 
Item # 85115
Declan Wake™ Nude Figure
Item # 85127
Strike it Up (Fashion Only)

Keeping the kilt and sandals for sure. Not sure about the rest. 
Item # 85117
Ace McFly™ Nude Figure
Item # 85126
Too Sexy (Fashion Only)

Love this outfit.  So cool.  I am considering making this guy Eric Raymond.  I think his hair will take a part nicely and be less creepy than the Dracula sculpt. 
Item # 85118
Tobias Alsford™ Nude Figure
Item # 85128 Hypnotize 

He is great.  I will likely keep this outfit too. The kicks for sure...

Item # 85116
Preston Woods™ Nude Figure

Item # 85129
Come As You Are (Fashion Only)

Love the outfit.  Not sure about him. It is a new sculpt though so perhaps he will stick around. I think they overdid it with the blonde guys with beards this year between Preston, Callum, and the Apple Jack MLP guy.  


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