SDCC 2015 Hasbro Jem/Jerrica Twilight in Paris Exclusive

Old school Jem fans will know this one as "Like a Dream".  The new name, "Twilight in Paris" refers to the music video in which this outfit first appeared.  I really dig the nifty box that can shift into an Eiffel Tower display.  They really go all out with the little fun details and you can tell that the Integrity designers are legit fans of the line.  This is also the first Jem with the Quickswitch head feature which seems made for Jem and the spirit of the Flipside Fashions.  But it also means that unlike the "Who is He Kissing" set or the extra dress that came with Glitter n Gold, this set only allows you to display either Jem or Jerrica.  You can't have both out unless you get a body donor for Jerrica AND another blue jumpsuit.

The blue pants (and pink shoes) that came with the "In Stitches" set on Jem would work for the pants and then you just need a blue knit tube top or something for Jerrica under the dress. Looks like this is the FR White skin tone which would match the girl from the Saturday Night Fever set  if you are looking to steal a body.  Others have pointed out that the screening on this Jem is very similar to Classic Jem. This is also the first attempt at Jerrica's shorter choppy hairstyle.

Based on info I found online, she will be $149.99 at booth 3329 and they will again hold some back to sell directly on  Don't fail for the crazy eBay prices.  The last two years I have been able to get the doll either at retail price or no more than $20 extra. So be patient. They usually put the dolls on sale a week after the convention.  Set up your account early and make sure it all works so you are ready when she goes online. If you are a member of the W Club and use the tapatalk forum app for your smart phone, you can set up a push alert and subscribe to the SDCC Jem thread.  So whenever someone posts to that thread, you will get an alert. When she goes on sale, you can be sure someone will post there.  If you miss her in the hasbro store, you might have to go to eBay...but like I said, be patient and wait for the prices to go down.  They will.  I can't imagine they do anything less than 1000 pieces for this and possibly more with this being the 30th anniversary and this being a HIGHLY anticipated variant for Jem fans.

Like a bunch of Jem fans, this is one of my favorite outfits from the show and one of my favorite of the original Hasbro offerings. Unlike the Hasbro produced fashion, the Integrity version is accurate to the cartoon animation of the dress.  I do love the striped socks from the original outfit and box art and might have to make a pair for nostalgia sake to go with this.


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