Tonner Bombshell Wonder Woman...Less Explosive; more like a Fizzle.

Pics of the Prototype Tonner Bombshell Wonder Woman are out.  And man...such a mess.  Mostly this is an issue of scale.  The fabrics chosen are all wrong.  Instead of stretch knit for the scarf and shirt, they would have been better served by using a china silk like material or a fine cotton.  Serged edges...please.  I still want her...for the boots and belt buckle...but I might just get the outfit loose.  I am also not a fan of wigs.  I feel like they could have gotten this look with rooted hair (which likely would have made the head scarf rig better as well).  It looks like they are using the Supergirl sculpt for both this doll and for Bombshell Harley too.  I love this sculpt but I think it would have been great if they had used the open-mouth Mera sculpt instead to mimic the smile from the original art.  Here's hoping Harley does not disappoint.  (And they give us more from this great series).

But one also never knows with Tonner and the actual production dolls.  It can go either way.  Sometimes the production dolls are better that the images...but usually not.


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