Rockin' Romance Jem on Hasbro Toy Shop Now!

She has been up there for a crazy long amount of time today without selling out.  I am really surprised.  They MUST HAVE upped the edition size this year...or she was wildly unpopular.  Whatever the case, you can get her here:

Though the ebay prices for her have been the same or sometimes even less!  My own purchase off ebay ended up being only $3 more than I would have paid on Hasbro.  Many collectors are using ebay in order to get pictures of the dolls ahead of time as well.  There has been a mold problem with some of these dolls and some box ding damage on seeing pictures ahead of time might be worth paying a little extra.  Her face looks really pretty and sweet in the photos that I have seen from other collectors.  Her hair seems a little thinner than the other versions as well.  I was going to skip her...but the Jem completist in me could not let that happen.
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