Drowning in Genuine Molded Plastic

Yikes...I have been on a tear lately.  It has been raining dolls over here. Between pre-orders coming in, club upgrade dolls, a lottery, and a few ebay moments of weakness...I have an embarrassment of riches and almost no time to deal with them. So pictures will some soon.

So the Integrity W Club Upgrade dolls came.  There were some grumblings over Fashion Explorer Vanessa and her forehead.  I don't get it.  Mine is GORGEOUS.  Now granted I am late to the FR collecting game so I have no loyalty to the previous Vanessa incarnations.  I like this one quite a bit.  I love the deep minky brown/black hair in the pony with the side sweep bangs.  I think both her hair and face paint will lend itself nicely to redressing in both casual and evening wear.  The boots and bag are great.  The sunglasses are slightly less exciting.  The skirt is actually blue...which surprised me as I, like most, had thought it was khaki.  I like it though and I think it will mix nicely with the fashion from Faded Desert Kyori.

My Jem Countess doll was supposed to be in the box with Vanessa but SURPRISE!!!! They sent me the wrong doll.  I got the Poppy, Girl from INTEGRITY upgrade doll instead.  I had not ordered her because her outfit did nothing for me...however, I am not sort of in love with the doll itself now that i have see her in the flesh.  She is great and really versatile.  I emailed the club liason about the mix up and the sent me the countess and asked me if I wanted to buy the Poppy.  Um, duh!  No brainer there.  Heck yeah!   I like to think this was an ingenious, almost spy-like infiltration of Poppy into my house in order to force me to buy her with her cuteness.  It worked clever girl.  She is staying.

The countess should be here any day now.  The photos of her look great.  Though she shares a sculpt with Minx, you cannot even tell. I have been trying to acquire the IMPOSSIBLE to find Re-ment Sewing Machine set to create a little fashion designer workroom for Shana and Regine and the Countess.  My first attempt to get the set on eBay was thwarted by a crappy seller who never sent the item.  Le sigh.  I will try again.  It rarely sells for less than $40 (which seems like crazy talk).  I keep hoping I will just come across it for cheap.  I imagine I will have to make the sewing table but I have a couple of the plastic dress forms from the barbie Fashion Fever outfits and the nice FR dress form as well.  I also just broke down and got the really nice Barbie Look 2013 Wardrobe now that it is finally on sale.  I thought I can paper behind the shelves with something Jem-like.  It would make a fun set for this scene and let me display some of my Jem custom fashions and the alternate outfits.  I plan to use the various fashion sketches that came with the In Stitches set and with Regine on the wall.  This means I need to finally bail out Regine and the rest of the last wave from Gigi's Dolls...oh money tree?

So then the Poppy pre-orders just hit as well.  Lotta Danger arrived.  I have not de-boxed her yet as my initial impression was sort of 'meh'...not sure why.  I loved her pictures and she is indeed adorable...but I think I just loved the raven haired Girl from INTEGRITY so much that I am not as crazy for this one.  So I am sitting on the fence about Lotta and not deboxing her until I am sure. I might just keep the outfit and sell the doll.  Spy a Go Go Poppy also got here in a roundabout way.  The doll store sent it to my old address (despite my current one being on the eBay invoice)....grumble. Luckily my old neighbors are awesome and kept her safe until I could liberate her.  She is also super cute but I think I will sell the nude and just keep the outfit (which was the original plan).  After seeing this outfit, I really regret selling my tan Sweet Confection.  I think this would be amazing on her.  Oh well.  I still have the blonde Sophisticate Club Poppy to decide on as well.  She might go into the Lotta outfit instead.

Pret a Partir Victoire Roux also arrived.  The outfit is beautiful and the little train case is perfect.  I will likely sell the doll nude.

Rockin' Romance SDCC Jem is also on the way.  I broke down and got one on ebay for a good price.

And lastly, I managed to get a hold of a grail doll, the Vampire Diaires Katherine Pierce doll.  She is really pretty and the outfit is better than I had expected.  The hat was missing though and I have contacted the seller about it.  I hope they have it still.  I will be miffed otherwise.  Now I just need to get a Stefan.  I had one before but decided to sell him for some stupid reason.  Ugh.

So with this rapid influx of dolls...I need to make some tough decisions about who stays and who goes.  I still have several Tonner dolls to purge...but that is easier said than done.  I might let go of at least one Tulabelle.  I am thinking the very pretty film glamour FR trio from this last years convention might leave.  I love them...but they sure do stick out on my shelf.  I am not usually an evening gown collector.  I am waiting to see which Kyori I like better when Faded Desert arrives.  I try not to have repetitive sculpts in my collection but I do really like the look of Dangerous to Know Kyori.  Hmmm.

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